Welcome Watermelon Season Hooray!!!

It is officially summer in Toronto and we are in the middle of watermelon season (May until September but varies depending on where you live). The poor, juicy and delicious watermelon has received quite a bad rap from the paleo and keto communities claiming it is far too sweet to be part of a healthy diet. Something that sweet and delicious just has to have tons of sugar, right?

Wrong! Yes it is sweet and delicious but it doesn’t have as much sugar as many people have come to think. If we compare watermelon, peaches, apples and strawberries and rank them in order from highest sugar content to lowest here’s what you get.

  1. Apples (0.10 gram sugar/gram apple)

  2. Peaches (0.08 gram sugar/gram peach)

  3. Watermelon (0.06 gram sugar/gram peach)

  4. Strawberries (0.05 gram sugar/gram strawberry)

What else do we get from watermelon? Vitamins A and C as well as the phytonutrient lycopene. You know who else will be grateful for that watermelon? Your gut microbiota! So go on and enjoy the refreshing summer fruit (if you haven’t already been doing so).

Note: Watermelon is a high FODMAP fruit. If you have been diagnosed with IBS and are in the elimination phase of a low FODMAP diet watermelon should be avoided.

Check out my yummy recipe for a perfect way to stay cool on those hot summer days and if cutting up watermelon has always seemed like such a drag watch this video showing you just how easy it can be.