Banana Berry Hemp Seed Pudding

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Growing up there was one, maybe two pudding options that we would be offered as an after-school or post-dinner snack, chocolate or vanilla. Often, "just add milk" was the only recipe instruction. Sometimes, to spice things up a bit, we got chocolate chips or chocolate sauce doused on top. Those were the days when, as kids, we knew we had done something right! 

Nowadays, the flavour combinations are other-worldly and there is no need for the extraneous filler toppings (not that a good chocolate sauce or chip should or will always be considered extraneous).  This pudding will have you reminiscing about the good old days while giving you the feeling that you and those that you are serving it to, have done something right!

P.S. I know that pudding is supposed to be smooth and creamy, so don't be scared off by the idea that there are hemp hearts and chia seeds in here,  they only add to the spoon-licking deliciousness that you will find from the top to the bottom of this pudding bowl. Oh, and don't forget that to enjoy this pudding at its optimal yumminess, it should be refrigerated overnight.  Find the recipe to this updated childhood snack below