Has cabbage ever looked this good?

Something I'm sure we all struggle with is coming up with exciting side dishes for our star of the show entrees. I mean... I could have a side salad with every meal be it lunch or dinner, but that does tend to get a little boring over time. I've been pretty experimental over the past few weeks and decided to challenge myself to come up with more exciting sides! This one seems good enough to call a meal on it's own. The other great thing about this recipe is what it does for your gut health.

This recipe is a great example of how to work prebiotics and probiotics into your every day diet. The plain yogurt drizzle provides probiotics and the cabbage and pomegranate seeds deliver prebiotics in the form of insoluble fibre. I would definitely prefer this over a pill.

First Delivery-12.jpg

I can't take full credit for this one as I was inspired by Fat Pasha's famous roasted cauliflower dish. This might seem like an interesting sweet and savoury twist on a nutritious leafy green - but I'm telling you, the flavour combination (and colours) taste (and look) pretty damn delicious. If you're looking to try a quick and easy side that the whole family will agree on, this will not dissapoint!

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