There's a Bug in You

I’ve become great at smiling and nodding at dinners with my husband’s family. Not because I don’t love them but because they talk very passionately about American politics. Politics is a subject matter that while I can appreciate the humor that is President Trump doesn’t interest me. I fear that by saying this you will think I am an ignorant twit but I have many interests and only so much space in my brain. Also, I have two kids, and I am exhausted. What I do know about though is gut health and the microbiome so I thought that maybe we could barter. If anyone wants to send me an ONE paragraph summary explaining who the major players are in the Trump administration that would be lovely. If it’s longer than one paragraph…do not even think about sending it my way (double-spaced no longer than half a page maximum).

For those of you who find yourself in conversations with science-minded people who are all excited about the gut microbiome, check out this rad infographic I made just for you. Bring this along to your next party, and I guarantee it (and you) will be a real hit!

Microbiome Infographic.jpg